Chicago: Topics and advice from the last meeting

My notes from our last meeting:

  • Advice on incorporation
  • Limiting product features: If you’re creating a program/app/service, pick 2 or 3 features. Focus on making those 2-3 features awesome, and market that, rather than saying, “We have a million features”, all of which are pretty mediocre– which users would hate.
  • For bootstrappers w/ a limited budget for advertising, what are (some of the) best ways to expand and build your client base?
    • Members recommend books in “guerrilla marketing”, specifically from author J. Conrad Levinson.
  • For selling to big companies, a member recommended the book “Bagging the Elephant” (Steven Kaplan). She said that he understands– better than anyone else she’s read — how big companies think, buy, what they’re looking for.
  • Make sure that you’re not spending more getting the customer than the customer will pay out over their patronship lifetime. Average customer acquisition cost v. lifetime revenue from a customer.
  • When approaching companies, TALK TO THE PERSON MAKING THE DECISIONS on purchases, not the person who supposedly is a “Buyer”. Find out who writes the checks, and talk to them.

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