CoCo’s Restaurant & Bakery – An Unlikely Meeting Ground for San Diego Entrepreneurs

SAN DIEGO, July 23, 2012 — On the last Friday of each month, a small group of entrepreneurs meet around a table at San Diego’s CoCo’s Restaurant & Bakery at 4280 Nobel Dr.  They compare notes, share lesson learned, and share resources as they set out to change the world.

So what’s on the menu? These innovative founders jump-start the day with an early morning Bootstrapper’s Breakfast® meeting at 7:30am. This isn’t a place to meet VC’s or to listen to pitches on funding. But is a roundtable to discuss real business issues, broaden your knowledge, and expand ideas with other entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast ®.

The meetings are lead by Mark Fitchmun whose experience and knowledge focus has been biotechnology and life sciences, and who is a founding partner in Somatek. Fitchmun invites you to  be a part of San Diego’s start-up community whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Check out the group’s blog and you will see what the excitement is about.

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