Recap from San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Dec-2011

We had a small but very interesting crowd for our December 2011 meeting
Present: Pete, Carl, Jake, David, Elaine, Becky
  • Opened up meeting with discussion of conversion rates for a product between free trial and purchase. It was suggested that having frequent updates for product so they like it and keep using it.
  • One attendee suggested for getting video up online.
  • We discussed overcoming the negativity when presenting your idea to other people. Rest of group shared similar sentiments of the importance of sharing with people who will care and can lend a critical and caring ear. We talked about out the importance of being best product or lowest price as important ways to not be the middle man with middle price point.
  • Discussion about where money from investors should go towards people or marketing. A serial entreprenuer shared his experience that  most goes to people and everything else comes secondary.
  • It was suggested to be sure the investment of at least 5 years as a necessary part of knowing what you’re getting yourself into upon starting a start up.
  • An IP lawyer presented on some of the trademark issues that come up frequently  for him in his practice. He emphasized importance of registering name and the logo for companies, as well as purchasing URL/Domain name early. Also possible to file for an “intent to use” trademark for several months out of applying for trademark. A trademark also must be accompanied by a product, not just purchasing one to have one.
  • An attendee suggested as a company he has used with a $500 package for trademark services.
  • Then discussed PR/marketing and best way to utilize PR services as a necessary part of not paying for advertising.


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