New Bootstrappers Breakfast Group for Startup Entrepreneurs in Champaign Illinois

Bootstrappers Breakfast is sponsoring a new local group for high-tech entrepreneurs. The Champaign Bootstrappers Breakfast group has early morning meetings on 4th Wednesday of the month.

The roundtable meetings are moderated by Eyal Amir and Jeremy Leval. They are excited to foster tech entrepreneurship by facilitating communication to share ideas and resources.

“I’m the Co-Founding CEO of FasPark (the street-parking app), and a professor of computer science at the university of Illinois. I love making technology that changes people’s lives. Looking forward to meeting all of you entrepreneurs that dream big,” said Eyal Amir.

About your Champaign moderators:

Eyal Amir Eyal Amir is Co-Founding CEO of FasPark (AI Incube, Inc) and a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He received his PhD from Stanford University, and is the winner of multiple awards for his Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, including best PhD thesis in Computer Science at Stanford University (2001-2) and a Top-10 to Watch in AI by IEEE (2006). He is interested in entrepreneurship and technology that affects people’s lives.
Jeremy Leval Jeremy Leval is currently an MBA student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. At the young age of ten, Jeremy started his first entrepreneurial venture, Megamix Productions, DJing birthday parties for grade school aged children with only two plastic disco balls and a karaoke machine. Within five years, Megamix Productions acquired professional equipment, grew its client base and became registered as a legal corporation in the state of Illinois.

Recently, Jeremy has started a student based ride sharing website called to meet the growing demand for ride sharing amongst students at the University while lowering transportation costs and promoting green travel.

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator at one of our breakfast, please contact us. Moderator positions are volunteer and require facilitation skills and a demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship.

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