DreamSimplicity Founders at San Francisco BB Feb-18

At the Bootstrappers Breakfast in San Francisco (Sandbox Suites, 567 Sutter St) at 8am this Friday, 18th Feb, Matt Childs and Derrick Lee from DreamSimplicity will talk about “Lessons Learned Being Fearless with a Camcorder.”

Today, the convergence of social media, business culture and technology is allowing entrepreneurs to get their message out in front of their customers in ways never previously possible. Specifically the use of video to draw customers in and engage with them on a personal level has never been so easy or accessible. What used to take months and great expense can now be accomplished with items readily available on hand – all it takes is willingness to experiment.

Learn how DreamSimplicity leverages relatively inexpensive equipment, a carefully crafted social network and thick skin to become one of the leading pioneers in video in the software space.

Matt and Derrick cut their teeth in the trenches of the sales departments of various early stage VC funded Software-as-a-Service companies. Taking their knowledge of the industry, technology and relationships they nurtured, they struck off on their own in April of 2009 to start DreamSimplicity as an advocate for the SaaS and Cloud Computing community. The site is an online community for SaaS firms and customers to learn from their peers and advance their knowledge.

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