Silicon Valley: Come Friday To Hear Lesson Learned Bootstrapping Central Desktop

On February 11, 2010 Isaac Garcia, co-founder and CEO of Central Desktop will join Bootstrappers Breakfast® as our featured guest.  Central Desktop, founded in 2005, delivers a cloud-based social collaboration platform.  Their online collaboration solution helps businesses manage projects and documents in the cloud with colleagues, customers and partners.

Isaac oversees business strategy and sales for the company. Isaac has a proven record in both early-stage technology companies and enterprise sales & marketing.  He was a founding partner at Upgradebase, where he oversaw all business development and sales for the company.   Isaac served as a Director of North America Enterprise Sales for CNET Channel.  He was responsible for the acquisition, sales and management of global partnerships with Microsoft, Google, eBay, Yahoo and Best Buy. Isaac led and managed CNET’s global partnership with Microsoft to launch the Windows Marketplace campaign in 14 countries.   He received a BA in English from Ambassador University and a Master s degree in English Literature from the University of Northern Colorado.

Today Isaac will discuss “Lesson’s Learned in Bootstrapping Central Desktop.” Some key points he will cover include:

1. Be patient. It takes longer than you’d expect to start generating “meaningful” revenue so you need to be personally and financially ready for this.

2. Outsourcing is overrated. Key functions like product design, engineering and sales need to initially come from the founders because the voice and purpose of your company and its products cannot be fully understood by a third party.

3. Tenacity and dedication are what will most likely determine whether or not you are successful.

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