Adrian Perez Conducting a Study of Entrepreneurial Partnerships

Adrian Perez is doing some independent research on what makes for effective entrepreneurial partnerships. He will be joining the conversation this Friday in Mountain View at Red Rock and will share a little bit about his research. He e-mailed me the following description:

Partner compatibility is a foundational part of weathering hardship and making sure a startup discovers and embraces opportunity. If you’re exactly like your partner, you may share a common language, but also have the same blind spots. And if you are too different, you risk constant misunderstanding. Adrian Perez is conducting research into the relationships between character strengths in partnerships. Using the VIA Survey of Character Strengths (available here: ), I am collecting entrepreneurial partnership data to test a hypothetical matching algorithm suggested by the initial work on his research.

More on the study and how it works can be found here:

I took the VIA Survey of Character Strengths a few years ago and found it offered some useful insights into my personal style and effectiveness. Whether or not you want to take part in Mr. Perez’s study it’s free and worth the hour or so of your time it will take to fill it out accurately. Adrian will take part in the conversation on Friday, if you are interested in learning more please either drop by the breakfast or contact him directly.

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