Bootstrappers Breakfast® Invites San Diego Entrepreneurs to “Eat Problems for Breakfast”

San Diego, CA, April 14, 2010 — Given San Diego’s strong commitment to entrepreneurship and new business development, the Bootstrappers Breakfast ( meetings promise of serious early morning discussions among bootstrappers will have many local entrepreneurs feeling right at home. The focus of the monthly meeting is on technology businesses whose next stage of growth is based on internal cash flow and organic profits. Entrepreneurs who like to “eat problems for breakfast” bring business issues and challenges to discuss with peers.

Date: (4th Tuesday) Tuesday, April 27, 7:30 a.m.

Location: San Diego, CA

Cost: $10 in advanced, $20 at the door

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At last month’s meeting, the roundtable topics included: time management, trying to drive sales and managing the project without having to step out of a sales role. It also included discussions about tips on building a customer base. Members are saying great things about us:

  • “A great experience; I enjoyed the roundtable format to hear about and discuss real issues faced by lean startups in the area. Looking forward to the next one!”
  • “The Bootstrappers breakfast allows you to get an outside perspective, feedback, and answers based on your own challenges at hand. The response, experiences, and helpfulness from the rest of the group is great.”

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