Pre-Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurially Curious Also Welcome

I got a question in our contact form this week, and when I answered it directly I asked for and received permission to use the text of the question as the basis for a short blog post since I think a number of potential attendees have the same concerns:

I am a first time pre-entrepreneur with multiple ideas. I have only just started networking and talking to people. I am very interested in attending. I am also interested in finding a co-founder to team up with and work on some of these ideas. I wanted to know if you get a lot of people like me on the brink of starting a startup and looking for other people, help and ideas.

If you are giving serious consideration to starting or joining a technology startup you are welcome at a Bootstrapper Breakfast®. Every session is different and we always get an interesting mix of first time and experienced entrepreneurs, men and women, some just out of college others who have been in the workforce for decades.

This Friday we are meeting at 7:30am at the Omega Restaurant in Milpitas, it might be a good one for you, Lenny Greenberg of Assistyx will take the first 10-12 minutes to talk about a company he launched and some lessons learned.  We also have a “regular” Bootstrapper Breakfast scheduled tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9am Boudin Bakery at 4 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco.

We get a number of folks who are just starting out. You might also take a look at the presentation I made at SV CodeCamp 2009 on Sunday (see ) it may give you a framework to look at bootstrapping a software business.

If you have other questions that are not answered by our “First Timer Guidelines” or our “Frequently Asked Questions” pages please contact us.

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