FAQ: You are Welcome to Attend

One of  the most common questions we get is: “Should I come to a Bootstrappers Breakfast?”

We offer guidelines for first timers but I thought I would try and write down how I normally answer this question.

Our most common discussion items relate to the operational issues that challenge early stage technology companies. Many are consulting as a way of bootstrapping a product. If this conversation sounds like one you would like to take part in you are welcome to attend. We ask that you bring issues that you want to discuss and avoid offering a sales pitch or soliciting investment from other attendees.

We focus on practical issues related to bootstrapping technology companies.

We don’t dwell on venture funding issues because there are already so many venues that do so. But we do discuss them if someone brings them up and there are frequently attendees who can comment from their direct experience.

Other benefits to attending: you are invited to join a Bootstrappers Breakfast LinkedIn group of other bootstrappers and can take part in a private members’ workspace that contains meeting minutes and discussion threads. We also make a number of discounts available on products and services bootstrappers can use.

Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions, or consult the calendar of meetings and join us when it’s convenient.

Our next breakfast is in Mountain View Friday August 28 at 9am upstairs at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View.

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