Three Principles of Effective Learning by Michael Nielsen

As a bootstrapper I focus on learning faster than my larger competitors–and applying it more rapidly–as a source of competitive differentiation. I wanted to pass along three principles for effective learning from a 2005 essay by Michael Nielsen titled “Extreme Thinking” in which he concludes that effective learning requires

  1. Purpose and meaning.
  2. A long-term vision.
  3. A social environment that reinforces our learning.

He identifies three requirements for developing a strong sense of purpose and meaning:

  • A common understanding with a large group of people with whom one is later able to feel a common sense of community.
  • The development of abilities which are not common to your community, and which will eventually enable you to make a unique contribution to your community.
  • Making a creative contribution to your community, to something larger than yourself.

My hope for the Bootstrappers Breakfasts, not only individual breakfasts but the community that is forming around them, is that they offer a social environment with helps everyone learn how to be a better entrepreneur.

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