Craig Shirley on “Negotiating with Key Accounts” Tue-Jun-16 in Sunnyvale

Craig Shirley, VP of Sales at Apache Design Solutions is attending Tuesday’s breakfast to lead a discussion on “Planning and Managing the Negotiation Process with Key Accounts.” Craig brings more than two decades of high technology sales and support experience to the conversation: he started as an application engineer, transferring to sales full time and working his way up to VP of Sales, a role he has held for the last ten years at Apache Design Solutions, Jasper Design Automation and Verisity Design (subsequently acquired by Cadence).

Craig will outline an approach to negotiating with major accounts that focuses on maximizing both revenue and profit over the lifetime of the relationship. His focus will be less on tactics and more on how to differentiate your product on features other than price.

Craig estimates he has negotiated more than 100 major deals in the last decade and he brings that perspective to our roundtable conversation Tuesday morning. If you are contemplating or starting a negotiation with a larger firm bring your questions, register here.

Update July 2: Craig’s slides are available here

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