Getting More Out of LinkedIn

Here are different ways fellow entrepreneurs are using LinkedIn. Are you taking advance of the full potential? And don't forget to join the Bootstrappers Breakfast Linked Group. Check out our other polls. More polls

Are Customers Taking Longer To Pay?

Attendees have remarked at a number of recent breakfasts that in many cases  their customers are taking longer to pay than they did last year. Are you experiencing this?

On-line tools

At Friday's breakfast, we had a great discussion about useful on-line tools. Here is our list: Quickbooks Online – multiple logins Fresh Books - Track Time and Invoice CRM: Batch Book, SugarCRM, Zoho Microsoft Live – good and cheap, use Live Meeting Go To Meeting Skype is good – use text pad and skype chat

Round-up of Co-founding Events

Finding partners and co-founders is a very hard problem. We don't know of a single type of event or match making that works well by itself. Especially if you don't know the other people, we suggest you start slow, work together on a small project and increase the level of mutual disclosure and commitment over

Vote for the Best Biotech Meetup Group

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Best Hosting Service

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San Francisco Resources: East Bay to SFO Shuttle Service

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San Francisco Resources: Co-working Office Space

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Silicon Valley Resources: Used Office Furniture

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Business card printers poll

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