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Pete Tormey: When To Apply For a Patent

This is a guest blog by Pete Tormey, one of the moderators for our San Francisco and East Bay Bootstrappers Breakfasts. Pete is serial entrepreneur and a patent attorney, his firm is Antero Tormey. Pete is also the author of “Startup Guide to Intellectual Property: Early Stage Protection of IP.” It’s a great primer written in

2011: One Thing I Learned From Bootstrapper’s Breakfast

Often we ask attendees to tell us one thing they learned from this morning’s bootstrapper’s breakfast. Here’s a couple … and please add your own! "I am always surprised by how much I learn in two hours. The quality and enthusiasm of people that show up and the things I find out that I never

Uruguayan Entrepreneurs Visit Dublin/Pleasanton Thu-Oct-28

Marcelo Lopez e-mailed this follow up to our earlier "International Entrepreneurs Attend Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast" post: UruIT Global IT Services and  Arkanosoft are very similar. We started 3 years ago with the goal of providing IT Services from a convenient nearshore location in Uruguay, mainly for IT and non IT companies in USA and

International Entrepreneurs Attending Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast Meeting

"As international entrepreneurs do whirl wind tours of Silicon Valley, it is exciting to see Bootstrappers Breakfast meeting on the "must do" list for these busy entrepreneurs," said Sean Murphy, founder of Bootstrappers Breakfast.   One example are two international visitors from Uruguay: Marcelo Lopez Business Development Director of UruIT Global IT Services and Juan

Meet Our Team: Pete Tormey

Pete Tormey is a registered patent attorney who specializes in providing patents for Software, Electronics, Life Science Instrumentation and Business Methods. Pete has co-founded two companies and brings extensive experience in both engineering and marketing to our meetings. About Antero & Tormey Antero & Tormeys provides fast affordable patent protection to young companies and entrepreneurs.

Competitive Advantage: Trademarks

A good brand is one of the strongest competitive advantages a company can have. While most bootstrappers won't develop the cache of Nike's swoosh logo, the ability to convey your product or service at an instance to potential customers is invaluable. Trademarks are one of the legal ways to protect your brand and build that competitive