Uruguayan Entrepreneurs Visit Dublin/Pleasanton Thu-Oct-28

Marcelo Lopez e-mailed this follow up to our earlier “International Entrepreneurs Attend Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast” post:

UruIT Global IT Services and  Arkanosoft are very similar.

We started 3 years ago with the goal of providing IT Services from a convenient near-shore location in Uruguay, mainly for IT and non IT companies in USA and Latin America. We started from zero with just a few contacts at Microsoft from our previous working experience. We engaged with MS to start with the first few projects in Uruguay.

Soon we decided to expand to Uruguay and other markets, investing in sales. We organized a few business trips to Chile, looking for local partners. We partnered with a few and started getting more projects. We did the same with Brazil, then Ecuador, Panama, etc. There were challenges to grow and execute all the new projects. At this point we have 60 FTE in staff and we are opening our branch offices in Brasil and Chile.

We focus in application development and outsourcing on top of MS technologies: SharePoint, .NET, Biztalk, CRM, etc. We currently have customers in USA, UK, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay and Argentina.

As we did with Latin America countries, we are doing a joint venture now, to expand our business in USA. This is to minimize the investment but also to take advantage of our joint capabilities.

Hope it helps as a quick intro to our companies.



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