Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in March 2022

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in March 2022. Online events are offered online at no charge, face to face events have a fee.

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in March 2022

We offer online Bootstrappers Breakfasts® events in three time zones and host face to face events as well. These events are for “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®

We have a fifteen events on offer this month to help you move your business forward. Join us as your interests dictate and your schedule permits.

Looking for Entrepreneurs to share lessons learned: If you have reached a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey and would like to share lessons learned, please contact Theresa Shafer ( to explore scheduling a short briefing at a Bootstrapper Breakfast or a talk at a Lean Culture event. You must have attended a Bootstrapper Breakfast or Lean Culture event to be considered.

Roundup of Events for BootstrappersTue-Mar-1 8am PST  Las Vegas (In Person) Bungalow Coffee Company

Wed-Mar-2 2pm PST Digital Health Mastermind Open House

Fri-Mar-4 9am PST San Jose (In Person) Voyager Coffee

Tue-Mar-8 7pm PST Silicon Valley Tech Reading Group: Pragmatic Programmer

Wed-Mar-9 11am PST Lean Culture: Founder’s Journey: Lessons Learned with Miriam Dorsett

Thu-Mar-10 8am PST Drop-In Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

Fri-Mar-11  8:30am PST San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Online

Mon-Mar-14 3pm PST Drop In Mastermind: Non-Fiction Writers

Tue-Mar-15  8am PST Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Thu-Mar-17  8:30am CST / 9:30am EST / 6:30 am PST  Chicago Bootstrappers

Fri-Mar-18  9:30am PST Mountain View (In Person) Red Rock

Mon-Mar-21 8am PST Las Vegas Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Wed-Mar-23 11am PST Q&A with Kristin Zhivago: How to put yourself in your customers shoes

Fri-Mar-25 9:00 am PST Silicon Valley Online

Tue-Mar-29 8:30 am EST / 5:30 am PST East Coast Bootstrappers

Trademarks: “Bootstrapper Breakfast” and “Entrepreneurs Who Eat Problems For Breakfast” are registered trademarks of SKMurphy, Inc.

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