Adam Starrh

Adam Starrh: “Consistently offers insight”

“I’ve lived in several cities and have attended a number of meetups for entrepreneurs over the ten years that I’ve been active, but I’ve never engaged with a group that has been as valuable to me as the Bootstrappers’ Breakfast. The group really takes a genuine interest in what I am working on and consistently offers insightful food-for-thought and no-nonsense advice at each meeting.

Before I attended the first time, I figured the content and knowledge base would be mostly tech-focused, and while the group is extremely knowledgeable in that space, I’ve greatly benefitted from their perspectives and connections with regards to my work in international trade and in the non profit community development sector as well.

I look forward to these meetings each month as an invaluable opportunity to organize my thoughts in the company of highly experienced and encouraging professionals and mentors. I would recommend this group to any entrepreneur who is looking to enrich their strategic thinking and decision making among a group of generous, like-minded experts.” Adam Starrh, co-founder Almond King Pvt. Ltd.

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