Silicon Valley Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers July 2017

A roundup of events in Silicon Valley for bootstrappers in May 2017; this month at the Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings we are focused on effective delegation and management of employees, freelancers, and consultants.

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in July 2017

July is “Delegate or Die / Trust but Verify” Month at the Bootstrapper Breakfast

Come join us in July to talk about how to become more effective at delegating and managing employees, freelancers, and consultants.

We will use two short chapters from Derek Sivers’Anything Your Want” available on-line as a point of departure for discussion at our three Bootstrapper Breakfasts in July

7:30am Fri-Jul-7 Bootstrappers Breakfast in Palo Alto Elena Krasnoperova: Tips for Bootstrappers To Hire Experts on Demand

  • Our featured attended for July 7 is Elena Krasnoperova, who will offer a short briefing on “Tips and Tricks for Bootstrappers Hiring Experts on Demand”
  • Elena Krasnoperova has hired a number of freelancers and contractors on an on-demand basis for graphic design, marketing, lead generation, web research, and software development. She will share lessons learned from a range of experiences–both good and bad–and offer some tips on hiring experts on demand.

11:30am Mon-Jul-10 Jerry Talley is speaking on “Improving Value, Impact, and Profit” at WIC (but men are welcome as well). Jerry is a very insightful speaker and I encourage you to take a break and hear him speak if you have time.

7:30am Tue-Jul-18 Bootstrappers Breakfast in Sunnyvale: Our regular roundtable with a set of lightning round questions on effective delegation

7pm Tue-Jul-25: We have another “Will Work for Equity” Networking event at Hacker Dojo. This is a small group networking event where you get to have conversations at tables of six with a facilitator.

9am Fri-Jul-28 Bootstrappers Breakfast at Red Rock in Mountain View: Our regular roundtable with a set of lightning round questions on effective delegation

Interested in Sharing Lessons Learned From Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

We are looking for attendees to feature later this year, if you want to share some lessons learned from your entrepreneurial journey (they can be things to avoid as well as things to do) please contact me to arrange a convenient time.

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