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  • Allison Kunz

Welcome New York bootstrappers

Welcome New York City entrepreneurs – we are excited to become part of your startup scene. Given NYC’s strong commitment to entrepreneurship and new business development, the Bootstrappers’ Breakfast meetings’ promise of serious early morning discussions among bootstrappers will have many local entrepreneurs feeling right at home. The focus of the monthly meeting is on technology businesses whose next stage of growth is based on internal cash flow and organic profits. Entrepreneurs who like to “eat problems for breakfast” bring business issues and challenges to discuss with peers.

Allison Kunz is our moderator. She enjoyed our SF group and wanted to find a like-mind entrepreneur group in Brooklyn. Her impress qualifications include:

  • one failed entrepreneurial project, a new one in progress
  • currently a co-organizer for React Native NYC, a Meetup for mobile app developers using the React Native platform
  • formerly co-Director of DataDivasNYC, a community for women in data-driven careers

Allison is a scalable learning consultant turned software developer, specializing in cutting edge mobile app tools such as React Native, Relay, and GraphQL. She has worked at several startups, ranging from pharmaceuticals to online learning to Big Data. Passionate about education at scale, Allison enjoys fostering communities where people can share knowledge and help each other succeed.

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