Andrew Boer: Kickstarter Video Campaign Essentials

Andrew Boer, CEO of Boer Digitalspoke at today’s breakfast in Sunnyvale and provided this handout.

Kickstarter Video Campaign Essentials

Step 1 – Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

  • Familiarize yourself with crowd funding trends and success stories
  • Understand the basics of a Kickstarter page, and the differences, limitations and guidelines of each
  • Be prepared to put in some serious marketing efforts on your own (Social networking & word-of-

Step 2 – Develop and Tell Your Story

  • Don’t just ask for money. Inspire people to join your cause. Crowd funding isn’t a new platform
  • Humanize yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your story. If you aren’t confident your story is a powerful

Step 3 – Start Spreading the Word

  • It’s never too early to announce your campaign to your friends and family. You don’t need to divulge
  • Blogs, Facebook posts, Tweets, and any other forms of media are a great way to start making people

Step 4 – Shoot a Powerful Video

  • A video is not only entirely necessary, it has to stand out.
  • Convey your story in a short, concise, personal, and emotional way.
  • The message of “why” people should help you/your business must be conveyed.

Step 5 – Have Something to Show, and Something to Give

  • If you are Kickstarting an app, the video has to show it in action. If you are Kickstarting a short film, the video needs to include a sneak peek.
  • Consider pledge incentives to be essential. It is most beneficial to have the incentives figured out prior to shooting your video, as well as incorporating them into the shoot.
  • People can tell when a campaign is heartless. Make it worth their while by either providing an actual product to them, or something of (related) value. (No iPad giveaways for your cookware startup)

Step 6 – Set a Realistic Goal

  • Test the waters with your campaign, and set the bar low. Don’t set your goal at a million dollars–it won’t be funded.
  • Your campaign will run for the same amount of time regardless of funding amount. If it’s a great project, you’ll be overfunded regardless.
  • Believe in your cause, and have a backup plan.

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