April 2014 Roundup For Silicon Valley

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A Preview of Coming Events For April-June 2014

San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Apr 2 at  9am at Boudin Bakery in Embarcadero 4 in SF. Carl Ludewig moderates our regular roundtable format.

Insides Sales 101 for Startups Apr 2 in Palo Alto Seminar for founders and early employees on developing and executing an inside sales process. Speakers include Steli Efti, CEO of Close.ioIlya Lichtenstein, CEO of MixRank and Jorge Soto, Inside Sales at MoPub

Mastermind Group for IEEE Consulting Network of Silicon Valley Apr 3 and 17 4-6pm in Sunnyvale.  Electrical, Mechanical, Optical, and Recovering engineers welcome.

Palo Alto Bootstrappers Breakfast Apr 4 at 7:30am at Hobees in Palo Alto

Avoid Death by Board Meetings 7:15am Apr 9 in Menlo Park inspired by Nick Sturiale’s article “Death by Board Meeting” that’s also useful for bootstrappers managing advisory board. Panel: Dan Levin, COO, Box, Jules Maltz, General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners; Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk; Sharon Wienbar, Partner, Scale Venture Partners

Sunnyvale Bootstrapper Breakfast April 15: 7:30am at Cocos. Guest Entrepreneur Matt Oscamou of Frontier Bites talks about lessons learned bootstrapping a baked good startup. Matt designed these bite size snacks to offer a delicious, healthy way to get energy when you’re on the go: Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, Preservative-free, and include no Refined Sugars

Lean Startup Unconference April 16 at Runway in SF produced by Tristan Kromer and SF Lean Startup Circle opening session is on “Worldwide PR” by Chris Lindland, founder of Betabrand

Giving a Great Demo! Key Discovery Questions To Ask Before You Start Pitching April 16  6pm Menlo Park. If prospects say “that’s interesting” or “you’ve given us a lot to think about, let us get back to you” and stop returning your calls and emails, Sean Murphy’s talk will help you understand how to map of their needs. http://www.meetup.com/Cofounder-Club/events/174793972/

Mountain View Bootstrappers Breakfast Apr 25 9am on second floor at Red Rock Coffee two blocks from Mountain View Train Station.

Great Demo! Workshop May 22-23 San Jose: Peter Cohan’s workshop is useful for B2B software startups. It’s normally only offered privately on-site at major SW firms.

California Program for Entrepreneurship June-Nov 2014: (primarily weekends) at Santa Clara B-School. CAPE provides education and mentoring to emerging entrepreneurs to help them develop and implement business plans that will contribute to the growth and well-being of the California economy. No charge.
Apply On-Line: deadline May 31, 2014  See Flyer [PDF]

Some Quotes On Perseverance

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”
Japanese Proverb “Nana-Korobi, Ya-Oki”

“For though the upright falls seven times, he gets up again;
the wicked are the ones stumble in adversity.”
Proverbs 24:16 Jerusalem Bible

In the early years, I had some midnight-of-your-soul type of times.
Once, I came home from a fair and found the window in my cabin blown in. Snow was all over. It was 20 below and 3 in the morning. I hadn’t made any money and the car had just barely made it there. I really believe that success is just getting up one more time than you fall. It doesn’t come from one brilliant idea, but from a bunch of small decisions that accumulate over the years. And you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of work that’s involved, the amount of fear that’s involved.
Roxanne Quimby in “How I Did It: Roxanne Quimby” from Inc. Magazine.


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