Greetings from Northeast

Even though it was 15 below the morning of our January meeting, we still had a pretty good turn out at the Minneapolis Bootstrapper Breakfast.

Here are a couple of things we talked about:

We had a guest speaker, Chad Halvorson, CEO of thisClicks. Chad talked about how he built his business and some of the challenges when he first started. For instance, he had this great technology before employees had access to Internet and smart phones, so tabled the software for a bit. He emphasized building the business first; do capital later (if needed).

We also had a lively discussion around partnering up with a developer as a cofounder (super difficult here in the Twin Cities — some around the table have been looking for years), which lead to a “how do you know it’s a good fit?” which lead to a discussion about trust (and then a few horror stories). This topic crops up a lot, just about every month.

Remember to always bring your business cards to these great networking events.

Have a great weekend! — Angie

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