Jan 2013 Roundup for Silicon Valley

Tax Tips from Ogden Lilly from Jan-15 Breakfast in Sunnyvale
Ogden Lilly ( http://www.bslcpa.com/ ) was a guest speaker at the  January 15 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale. It was a wide ranging discussion but he passed along several suggestions for bootstrappers preparing to file their 2013 business tax return, here are two simple ones to act on:

  • Keep a mileage notebook for business driving, you can deduct 56.5 cents per mile for non-commute business travel.
  • If you have hired or plan to hire a full time employee look into California’s “New Jobs Credit” that will reduce your business tax burden by up to $3,000 for every full time employee hired.

Guest Speaker: Ogden Lilly of Boitano Sargent and Lilly will offer 5 minute briefing on current tax law implications and then answer questions relating to accounting and financial operations in early stage technology and service firms. We will also have our regular roundtable discussion but give priority in this meeting to financial, cash flow, tax, and accounting issues.
Mastermind Open House Wed-Jan-23 6-8pm in Cupertino

SKMurphy has a Mastermind open house tomorrow evening in Cupertino at the Pacific Business Center on 19925 Stevens Creek Boulevard #100, Cupertino, CA from 6-8pm. You can register at http://www.meetup.com/BayAreaMastermind/events/83488092/ There is no charge for this meeting but the regular fee is $100/month for two meetings a month with six other technology entrepreneurs actively bootstrapping a startup.

New Business Startup Guide from Mark Sheffield

I came across a great New Business Startup Guide by Mark Sheffield at Abbot Stringham and Lynch. There are great chapters on “Registering with Regulatory Agencies”, “Setting up Operations”, and “Running Your Business” written for firms that rely primarily on revenue not outside investment to get started. It’s available as a free 50 page PDF at http://aslcpa.com/emerging-businesses/

Great Demo Workshop March 6-7 in San Jose

We have another joint workshop coming up with Peter Cohan on how to give a great demo in March in San Jose on the 6th and 7th. Peter provides consulting services to the Software 150 and we focus on earlier stage and bootstrapping firms. More info is available at

Great Demo! Workshop on March 6 & 7, 2013


“People who sacrifice to achieve their goals slowly while maintaining their responsibilities are less impressive at first glance, but more impressive after more thought.”
John D. Cook in “Extreme Change is Easier”
(at http://www.johndcook.com/blog/2012/12/29/extreme-change-is-easier/ )

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