Notes from today’s meeting at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View

Hey Bootstrappers,

Here are a few moments you may like to remember from your time at the Red Rock!

So you want to attract the perfect Technical Co-Founder

  • Why not try an advisory board? Test a few at once.
  • Do they think you’re desperate? Make them feel like an improvement to your project as apposed to the savior of your project.
  • How interesting can you make your story, get them interested in YOU!
  • Remember this relationship is like a marriage… How would you test your dates?

Welcome to The Silicon Valley, ready to network?

Why not try these tools:

Lessons From The First 6 Customers

  • Sales are everything! Create a great demo (you’ll need to do it a lot)
  • Turn your first 5 customers into Gold! Treat them like your best friends.
  • Focus on the value you can deliver to your customers. What can you do for them, and how much will that be worth?

Looking forward to seeing everyone on October 5th at Hobees in Palo Alto!   RSVP Button

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