3 moments to remember from breakfast at Cocos

  1. What is your Company’s DNA-
    • While waiting to launch your final product try to focus on promoting the unique function of your product. An eye pleasing design may differentiate you, but underneath the image is you DNA!
  2. Free Trial vs. $0 Trial
    • So your customers aren’t ready to pay, but are you ready to be paid? Show your commitment to your products future by turning a free trial into a $0 purchase.
  3. How and Where Should I Invest?!
    • Check out the following websites for a bit of advise. And remember a good rule of thumb “If they have enough money to advertise, they are likely making profit”
    • Motleyfool.com
    • Smartmoney.com
    • Wealthfront.com
    • Aaii.com

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