Early Bird Tickets for Lean Startup Conference 2012

The Lean Startup Conference 2012 is getting into swing. The date’s been picked, venue chosen and we’re now ready to sell tickets. Instead of opening sales in one fell swoop, this year we’re releasing tickets in batches. Our friends—the loyal lean startup elite—will get first crack at the best pricing.

Since you definitely fall into the category of a Lean Startup friend, you’re being offered special prelaunch pricing before registration opens for the rest of the world. But note, there are only a limited number of prelaunch tickets and when they’re sold out, the price goes up.

These prelaunch tickets are an incredible deal and are available now via the website. When visiting the site, be sure to check out the Platinum Pass. We’re partnering this year with the Warm Gun UX/design conference and Lean Startup Machine, and the Platinum Pass gets you a 5-day package of learning and networking in San Francisco. In addition to full access to the following events, you’ll get first dibs on the limited seats for hands-on workshops with experts, SF startup tours, and special lunches.

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