Michael Krupit

Meet Our Team: Mike Krupit

Mike Krupit

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mkrupit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/mkrupit
email: mike@novotorium.com

Mike is a strategic leader, innovator, and entrepreneurial operator in business and technology. He has provided organizational and technical leadership in dynamic environments, including early stage, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, high growth, and efficiency management. Michael has achieved significant goals through his strong leadership, fiscal awareness, technological advancement, and partnerships and relationships. Some of the companies that Mike helped build were Verity (a pioneer in search), Infonautics (a pioneer in online information services), and CDNOW (a pioneer in music e-commerce). NYC-born Mike has innovated on both coasts – spending nearly a decade in Silicon Valley and over 18 years in the Philadelphia area.

Mike has a passion for the new and different. He recently started an incubator, Novotorium, as a way to bring together his desire to grow profitable businesses while staying immersed in the startup and emerging company space. Novotorium provides the environment, advice, services, and funding that are needed to accelerate an emerging company, with a novel approach focusing on the mid to long term.



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