Entrepreneurs to eat problems for breakfast in San Diego

San Diego, CA –The San Diego entrepreneur group, Bootstrappers Breakfast (www.bootstrappersbreakfast.com) pours the first cup of coffee at 7:30am on the last Friday of every month. The next gathering for entrepreneurs who enjoy “eating problems for breakfast.” is Friday, March 30 at 7:30 a.m. at Coco’s Restaurant and Bakery (4280 Nobel Dr).

Attendees, all with an enterpreneureal streak,  discuss innovative ways to operate more efficiently, gain revenue and reach company goals for their businesses. Attendees range from serial entrepreneurs to innovative professionals looking for co-founders.

The roundtable meetings are moderated by Mark Fitchmun, founding partner principal of Somatek who is excited to foster technology entrepreneurship and to facilitate serious discussions of  ideas and resources. Under Mark’s leadership, the group has attracted a large number of members from startups in the biotechnology and life sciences industries.

Past attendees have said:

  • “This is one networking event that I try to never miss. It is relaxed and fun and I always learn something.”
  • “Good mix of business experience with technical know-how and eager new entrepreneurs.”

Bootstrappers Breakfast is excited to be apart of the thriving San Diego startup scene. Bootstrappers Breakfast with roots in Silicon Valley since 2005 and has since expanded to several locations in California and nationwide. The cost for attending is $10 at the door or $5 in advance. For more information about Bootstrappers Breakfast visit www.bootstrappersbreakfast.com.

About Bootstrappers Breakfast

Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings were started informally in 2003 by Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy, Inc., and formally met at Coco’s in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2005. Since then the breakfasts have expanded to multiple locations in California including Silicon Valley and San Francisco, as well as in Minneapolis, MN Chicago, and Campaign IL.

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