Deborah Shea Speaks On Online Marketing

Pete Tormey, from AnTLegal, moderated the Walnut Creek Bootstrappers Breakfast last week and shares with us the discussion that took place below.

Deborah Shea founder and President of Hellbent Marketing presented at the July breakfast in Walnut Creek. She began her talk by showing the group some hard research on promotion and conversion of prospects to actual sales. The data showed the place of a website in the sales process as compared to other forms of promotion such as trade shows and public speaking.

The conversation was heavily focused on the relationship between different online presences (such as LinkedIn, Twitter and the like), and your business website. Using hard metrics, Deborah discussed how she tailors the Internet presence towards driving sales and not just hits. Deborah also applies these techniques to service industries (i.e. lawyers) with successful results.

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