Tristan Kromer on ‘User Experience as Customer Development’.

On August 19th, 2011, at the Bootstrappers Breakfast in San Francisco (8 am , Sandbox Suites,567 Sutter St, SF), Tristan Kromer will discuss:

  • Using personas to accelerate and improve the Customer Development process
  • Deploying information radiators to facilitate company learning

Tristan Kromer has spent 16 years in marketing, product development, business development, IT security, music, real estate, and now web startups. He’s lived in the U.S., Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland, and has a BA in philosophy and an MBA in international management and marketing — neither of which prepared him to work in a real startup. He blogs at

This  will be a great meeting.

Date: Friday August 19th, 2011

Time: 8-9:30am

Venue:  Sandbox Suites, 567 Sutter St, SF

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