Finding a Co-Founder, Finding a Startup Job in Silicon Valley

We did some brainstorming at a recent breakfast about events and co-working facilities where you can meet other potential co-founders or look to join an early stage startup. Here is the list that we came up with.

  • Hacker Dojo costs $100 a month and will give you access to the co-working space and a chance to meet a lot of other founders on a informal basis and compare notes.
  • PlugandPlay is another space that has a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s more expensive but has several hundred teams either on-site or affiliated.
  • Co-Founders Wanted Meetup gets together at Hacker Dojo
  • Hackers and Founders is a meetup devoted to founders. It’ a chance for informal  conversation about technology and business subjects.
  • Startup Weekend is also an event worth attending when they come back to to the Bay Area, it’s a 54 hour “stress test” that let’s you see how folks perform under a small amount of pressure.
  • FounderDating is devoted to helping folks find co-founders
  • Startup2Startup is another group focused on getting early stage technology entrepreneurs together for a talk and networking.
  • The Founder Institute runs a structured program for entrepreneurs that is getting a lot of positive recognition. They run a four month training
  • SVASE runs Startup-U events several times a month with speakers who address startup issues, they would be an opportunity to network with attendees for co-founders
  • The MIT/Stanford Venture Lab runs monthly events that attract a lot of early stage technology entrepreneurs.

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