Health Insurance Providers for Start-Up Employees

Our fellow bootstrappers have some comments about health insurance providers for employees of your start-up.

It is prudent to separate payroll and benefits providers. There are many insurance brokers and as with everything, it is better to go to them through referrals. You need to sort through what is offered and what you want to manage on your own for the best available price. Choose providers who offer good support after you choose plans for your company with them.

Some health insurance providers that came up:

  • Their offering is good in terms of price and service.
  • Surepayroll: For payroll and benefits. Great at integrating benefit costs into the employee’s paycheck. They also sell health insurance and 401k administration.
  • Sequoia BENEFITS: A broker that is not related to the VC. They will provide you with a free customized web page which has all the benefits information for your employees if you’re big enough.

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