Upcoming: Lean Building Block Workshop

By Griffin Caprio

I rarely post blurbs about other groups, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight some courses that are being taught by our other moderators, Bernhard Kappe & Todd Wyder.  Many of you have commented about how excellent the two of them are during the breakfasts. To pay them back for their time, I wanted to highlight their new Lean Building Block workshops.  Here’s some more info about them:

Is your  startup stuck in neutral? Lean Building Blocks can help you get in gear.

Most startups fail because they lose a lot of time pursuing the wrong business models, building products no one wants, and making too many mistakes that could have been avoided.

Lean Building Blocks is a series of hands-on, interactive workshops that give entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to get to market quickly with as few missteps as possible.

The next workshops, on April 15th, cover Creating a Business Model that works, and validating problem/solution fit with customer interviews.

The courses are taught by Bernhard Kappe and Todd Wyder, leaders of the Chicago Lean Startup Circle.

Seats are limited, and early bird registration ends on April 1st.

To register, go to http://www.leanbuildingblocks.com

Thanks, Griffin Caprio – Founder & President, 1530 Technologies, Inc.

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