Start-Up Bootcamp

GloMantra, the company behind, myBantu – Online Virtual Personal Assistance is Khanderao Kand’s second start-up. During the early stages of the start-up, Khanderao faced numerous issues on which a lot of time was spent. The issues ranged widely from registering a legal entity, forming a company structure, finding investors, deciding terms and percentages for investors and so on and so forth.

Khanderao believes that the success of a start-up does not depend on such formalities but on execution, team building, product development and launch and winning customers and their confidence.

He wished that he could consult someone on such matters and this motivated him to organize “Startup Bootcamp”. The aim of this Bootcamp is to help fellow entrepreneurs start their venture smoothly. This is being organized by Global Indian Technology Professionals Association (GITPRO). Khanderao floated GITPRO in 2009 to provide a networking platform for Indian origin professionals for professional and self development and thereby contribute to the community.

Startup Bootcamp For Early Stage Startups and Would be Founders

Saturday 26th March 2011, 2:30pm-7:30pm
Topics include (see for latest agenda)

  • “Lessons Learned in Starting and Selling a Startup” by Shan Sinha, Founder-CEO of Docuverse acquired by Google
  • “Building Product and Team with Focus and Right Startup DNA” by Edwin Khodabakchin, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Feedly. Sold Earlier Startup Collaxa to Oracle

Feet $25

Location: HP Oakroom Hall, Cupertino
19111 Pruneridge Ave,Building 48, Cupertino, CA

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