Matt Bauer, Founder of Pedal Brain LLC, will give a brief presentation regarding his experiences in financing and building Pedal Brain at the Thu-Dec-16 breakfast in Minneapolis.

Pedal Brain is an iPod and iPhone ANT+ accessory that manages your training log and acts as a coaching platform. Second, it’s a complete training log. Third, it’s a coaching platform. Every time you rideĀ  your performance data is uploaded in realtime to the web where coaches, teammates and friends can see it–if you allow them to. You don’t have to do a post workout data upload or print out your workouts before heading out–they are always availableĀ  on your iPhone or iPod.

Join us 7:30am Thursday December 16, 2010 at Maria’s Cafe on 1113 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404 for what should prove a very interesting conversation.