Sarah Allen on Boostrapping a Mobile Startup Wed-Sep-1 in SF

Sarah Allen will talk about bootstrapping a mobile startup at the  Bootstrapper’s Breakfast Wednesday September 1 at 9am at Boudin Bakery, Embarcadero 4 in San Francisco.

Sarah is a serial entrepreneur who is leveraging her  software development consulting business, Blazing Cloud, to bootstrap her mobile-focused startup, Mightyverse.  Early in her career, Sarah founded a company, CoSA (The Company of Science & Art), which did part-time consulting using their own software libraries to bootstrap a product business, which led to the creation of After Effects (acquired by Aldus, and subsequently Adobe).  She finds her current bootstrap effort easier since the consulting is unrelated to the startup, keeping product development decisions separate from short-term revenue drivers.

In both technical and leadership roles, Sarah has been developing commercial software since 1990. She began focusing on Internet software as an engineer on Macromedia’s Shockwave team in 1995. She led the development of the Shockwave Multiuser Server, and later the Flash Media Server and Flash video.  Sarah believes that open source software provides solid technical foundations and compelling business models. She is an expert with Ruby and Rails and is on the OpenLaszlo core team.  An industry veteran who has also worked at Adobe, Aldus, Apple, and Laszlo Systems, Sarah was named one of the top 25 women of the web by SF WoW (San Francisco Women of the Web) in 1998.

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