Boostrappers Breakfasts are for Entrepreneurial Earlybirds

We meet at 7:30am at most of our locations. The theory is that it allows bootstrappers to get on with their work day and the entrepreneurially curious to keep their day job as they consider launching a startup.

It was interesting to read “Fraternity of the Wired Works in the Wee Hours” about entrepreneurial nightowls in New York (“New York Nightowls is a late night co-working club for professionals”) who meet in co-working facilities from late evening to early morning:

“The goal is to come, get inspired, meet new people and get work done,” said Amber Lambke, a creative consultant. “It’s six hours of uninterrupted, productive time where you’re surrounded by other creative people doing awesome things.”

If the Bootstrapper Breakfasts® get started too late, consider one of the nightowl meetups:

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