Success Factors Founding Principles Good For Bootstrappers Too

From the Success Factors Founding Principles  by Leo Dalgaard, CEO May 23, 2001

  1. We insist on measurable customer success and delight, above all. No excuses. We deliver increased productivity, truth, accountability, visibility and results to executives, managers, and employees.
  2. We strive for superior excellence, constant improvement (Kaizen!), and passion in every endeavor. We insist on results – points matter, not yardage.
  3. We deliver affordable, instantly available and frictionless total people asset management applications. Our solution must always be deliciously easy to use and drive realtime, on-demand, critical insights into the most valuable assets – human performance and ability – across organizations, industries and the globe.
  4. We will increase worldwide productivity by 50%, and help change the world by making it a more accountable, and a more meritocratic place to work, where promotion and pay is based on performance not politics.
  5. No jerks! Our organization will consist only of people that absolutely love what we do, with a white hot passion. We will have utmost respect for the individual in a collaborative, egalitarian, and meritocratic environment – no blind copying, no politics, no parochialism, no silos, no games, no cynicism, no arrogance – just being good! As the world’s first provider of goal alignment, performance, talent development, succession planning, pay for performance, learning, and recruiting built together from the ground up, we are transforming organizations to achieve their true potential, and motivating employees to do the same.

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