Mark Florant on “Business Development for Startups” July 20

You’ve started your business, now what?

— How well do you understand the market you are in?

Mark Florant, will discuss a number of key issues you should be thinking about:

  • Understanding the size of your market: current key players/competitors, and customers.
  • Selling into your market: decision makers—who are they, targeting different exec. levels/areas within a company and why.
  • Factoring in changes in the marketplace

Mark Florant currently is working with three early stage start-ups; Aquabella Organics,  Wspider and 360iCoach helping them with sales, market development, marketing strategies.

Mark’s passion and expertise is taking a product with no revenue and establishing a market, along with building strong relationships that enhance the process.  His has experience working with large organizations, IBM, Cisco, Hitachi and Intel (having held positions as Sr. Account manager at Cisco as well as  US Sales Dev Mgr for the Optical Platform Division of Intel.  He has also been at successful start-up organizations such as  LightLogic, where he was VP of Worldwide Sales.  Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University in Psychology.


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