Bootstrappers Breakfast Announces A New Venue In Dublin/Pleasanton

East Bay Entrepreneurs gather at Bootstrappers Breakfast® meetings  to compare notes and share business issues. Monthly breakfast meetings are at Athens Burger Restaurant in Dublin, CA beginning May 27, 2010, at 7:30 a.m.

“We are excited to add a new breakfast that supports the East Bay’s strong entrepreneur culture,” said Sean Murphy, founder of the Bootstrappers Breakfast group.  “Gone are the days when the East Bay was just a bedroom community, it continues to create promising innovative startups especially in life sciences and clean/green technologies.”

“We were delighted when Pete Tormey of Action Patents volunteered to moderate this new Bootstrappers Breakfast meeting in Dublin. Pete has co-founded two companies and has extensive experience in both engineering and marketing,” continued Sean Murphy.

Since its inception in 2005, the entrepreneur group has grown to a national organization of startup founders who “eat problems for breakfast”™. The breakfast meeting format allows each entrepreneur to make a brief introduction and to ask for suggestions for one or more challenges they currently have.  This encourages attendees to consider new approaches offered from peers.

“Fabulous networking and learning opportunity! I walked away with 2 actionable ideas for increasing my visibility in the community. I’ll be back for more.” — San Diego attendee

“I found it helpful today to have to articulate the specific challenges I am facing in my business in front of a receptive and helpful group of other business people. I also met a couple of great contacts that I plan to keep in touch with.”– Silicon Valley attendee

“I found the people who joined the breakfast were all very smart, experienced and valuable. I will definitely join next time to meet more people.” — Silicon Valley attendee

One entrepreneur’s unusual response to a question about an exit strategy of business, “I am not concerned about an exit strategy. I am more concerned about building a successful business, and then opportunities open up.” — San Francisco attendee

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