New York Entrepreneurs Week Apr 12-16

New York Entrepreneurs Week is April 12-16, it offers a diverse set of speakers on a full spectrum of topics of interest to entrepreneurs. Three in particular that may be of interest to Bootstrappers:

Monday April 12 11:15AM – 12:30PM “I Have No Money, Now What?”
Panelists will discuss creative approaches to sustainability and stability as well as how to develop, build and scale a breakthrough company with limited resources.

Moderator: Scott Shuster, Business journalist (BusinessWeek, ABC News); Partner, Stratostream Entertainment.


  • Greg Alvo, Founder of OrderGroove
  • Chris McCann, Founder of Startup Digest
  • Danny Wen, Founder of Harvest
  • Amanda Freeman, Co-Founder of Vital Juice

Monday 4:45PM – 6:00PM “Selling for Survival: Getting Sales ASAP”
One skill which entrepreneurs need is something they don’t teach in business school – selling. Panelists reveal why the ability to persuade people to believe in your company is a necessity.

Moderator: Divya Gugnani, CEO of Behind the Burner


  • Jenny Fleiss, Co-Founder of Rent the Runway
  • Tad Martin, Founder of Cross Commerce Media (CCM)
  • Mike Rothman, Directors of Sales at Thrillist
  • Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell

Wednesday April 14 2:45PM – 4:00PM “The 20 Hour Workday: The Reality of Building a $1MM Company”
Understand the highs and lows of building a company from the ground up. Learn what it takes to survive in the hypercompetitive marketplace with key guidelines, tips and advice from those who’ve done it.

Moderator: Divya Gugnani, CEO of Behind the Burner


  • Jason Olim, Co-Founder of
  • Will Corrente, Founder of Operation Entrepreneur
  • Aaron Arnold, Founder of Music is My Business
  • Nate Casey, Founder of Blazetrak

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