Craig Newmark was interviewed on “How Craigslist Spread” on October 30 by Dan Zarella and he had some observations that we have incorporated into our planning for 2010.

Craig: Any­one should seriously engage with their community about what they’re doing, including serious customer service. That means using email, Face­book, Twit­ter, any place where peo­ple in your community might hang out. Get feed­back, and then, do something about it.

Dan: Do you remem­ber any “tipping point” in the site’s history when the amount of people talking about it or using it seemed to take off?

Craig: Never any­thing that I’d con­sider a tipping point. Our his­tory is slow, con­tin­u­ous growth. In the race between tortoise and hare, well, we’re the slow guy.

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