Insights from Craig Newmark on Scaling Craigslist

Craig Newmark was interviewed on “How Craigslist Spread” on October 30 by Dan Zarella and he had some observations that we have incorporated into our planning for 2010.

Craig: Any­one should seriously engage with their community about what they’re doing, including serious customer service. That means using email, Face­book, Twit­ter, any place where peo­ple in your community might hang out. Get feed­back, and then, do something about it.

Dan: Do you remem­ber any “tipping point” in the site’s history when the amount of people talking about it or using it seemed to take off?

Craig: Never any­thing that I’d con­sider a tipping point. Our his­tory is slow, con­tin­u­ous growth. In the race between tortoise and hare, well, we’re the slow guy.

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