Full House for Massimo Paolini in Sunnyvale Tomorrow

If you haven’t registered yet please don’t drop in without one tomorrow, we are full.

Massimo Paolini will get our morning discussion rolling by talking about the importance of Web Analytics.

  1. What is Web Analytics?
  2. What benefits are gained from Web Analytics?
  3. A practical example of how Web Analytics work.

We will post a summary of the presentation for those unable to attend.

Update Nov 21: Massimo has posted a summary on his blog as “Bootstrapper Breakfast Presents Web Analytics.” What follows is an extract but read the whole thing.

Web analytics is all about understanding your customers, your site’s performance, and the results of your marketing efforts across all mediums. It’s not a one-time vaccine that allows you to dump all your efforts into your website one time and then leave it alone for the next three years. It’s an on-going process of making changes and then watching the results of those changes. Specifically, businesses should use analytics to

  • Know exactly where their clients are coming from
  • Learn how much time/money it costs a company to find those clients
  • Discover how satisfied people are with the course that is mapped for them
  • See where companies are losing their customers
  • Find out where to focus their time


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