iPhone Programmer

Work with a successful entrepreneur. We are looking for a programmer who can help us complete the GUI and display for this project either for equity or for a % share of the sales. Our first iPhone application is almost complete with the math and calculation routines tested and working  It will be released early summer 2009 with your assistance.

about us

I’ve started several successful companies [just Google me]. We are about creative ideas that reflect Neils Bohr’s philosophy, “We know your idea is crazy, but is it crazy enough?”  Our ideas range from finding things for people to helping them get places to discovering things that are not obvious ….. anything where people say, “I wish I could just go online and….” Our philosophy is to produce small, useful applications that will grow into more useful applications as they evolve for mobile devices and related markets.

Ahoy is loosely structured so that exceptional ideas are not crushed in committee.

Long term we are looking for people who want to develop useful mobile software that will make people’s lives easier.

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