Hacker Dojo: Something is Happening in Mountain View

We stopped by the Hacker Dojo today after the breakfast in Sunnyvale, it’s located at 140 S. Whisman in Mountain View.  Dean Mao was kind enough to give us a tour, he was jazzed his startup Plurchase had recently been covered by TechCrunch: “Online Shop Til You Drop With Your Friends on Plurchase“.

It’s still early days for the dojo, but a lot is happening there. While we were touring the folks organizing the 2009 Silicon Valley Data Mining Camp that will be held at the dojo were also there making preparations. It’s an interesting unconference format event.

It costs $100 a month to join the Dojo for co-working, this gives you access to the building and all events held there on a first come first serve basis. They are open 10am to 10pm for co-working most days, check the “Scheduled Staff” page for particulars.

Update Oct 28: I just came across Mike Swift‘s Mercury News article from Oct-15 titled “Hacker Dojo in Mountain View Sparks Ideas and Tinkering” which includes a slide show and audio interviews.

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