Coworking Facilities in SF and Peninsula

James Tank attended last Friday and was kind enough to share the following list of co-working facilities that he had researched:

San Francisco


  • Cubes & Crayons
    152 East Dana Street, Mountain View
    650 209 4846 (Note: they also offer childcare)
  • Fiber High
    989 Commercial Street, Palo Alto
    Liza Loop 650 618 9920
  • HackerDojo in formation
  • Syntony Courtyard
    235 Alma Street, Palo Alto
    Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D  650 322 2799

I contacted  Genie to confirm she was still running a coworking facility and she e-mailed back:

I have seven desks rented and six more to fill with lots of extra room around each desk.  We also have a big round table for discussions. One tenant only uses the Board Room.  Free Board Room  use is included in the rent ( up to 8 hours a week and possibly even more if not occupied by another lessee).  The Board Room seats twenty.  Also wi-fi is included in the rent. Part time use is $99.00.  A dedicated desk is $350.00. Utilities are, of course, free.

Also free are: coffee, tea, an extra waiting room with French doors and lots of light, a patio, three redwoods and a eucalyptus tree, flowers,  kitchen with refrigerator,  microwave, and lots of good cheer from the other tenants.  In an impromptu speech at a fund raiser for ” The Re-building Alliance” on Saturday one of these tenants announced, “I love our new space.”  She works with a non profit that has four desks leased and occupied.

This building is a one story that is two blocks from University Ave. and near the train station.  Right next door to North Face on Alma St.  The ceilings are tall, the desks are new and modern, the light is great!  The wall colors are vibrant and creative.  One building is a Victorian cottage and the other was built by an architect for his additional office space.  We have  a publishing company, a seminar firm, entrepreneurs, engineers, a construction company, several non-profits, a psychologist and a psychiatrist to insure the mental health of all occupants in the two buildings.   That’s a joke.  Most of  us are sane enough.  We also have a twice a month meeting for all tenants as well as others produced by Don Hunter of CEO Space and free to all.

Note: there is also a Coworking Wiki and a Coworking Google Group.

Update May 1: I just discovered the Cubes & Crayon’s Blog, which has an April 15 announcement “Hello San Francisco!” they that are expanding their unique combination of co-working and childcare to a second location in San Francisco.

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  1. Perhaps a little outside your geographic scope, but I also want to mention our space, Berkeley Coworking.
    2930 Shattuck Ave Suite 305 – (510) 725-4502. We have both drop-in and full-time space available!

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