LaunchUp Does Entrepreneurial Barn Raisings in Orem Utah

Partially inspired by Bootstrappers Breakfasts (according to Jesse Stay’s “Participate in the First Community Barn Raising for Modern Entrepreneurs” but closer in format to Startup2Startup, Stirr, or Techdirt Greenhouse (see also Greenhouse  wiki as well to get a flavor), LaunchUp held their first event in Orem Utah (and on the Internet). The entire meeting was recorded on video with a synchronous chat session also archived, see Launchup 1.

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    • Launchup #1 in the Books
    • What is Launchup?
      • time and experience is more valuable than money
      • serving and helping others is greatly needed right now
      • the world, and especially America, have real (and real big) problems
      • entrepreneurs are the world’s problem solvers
      • technology is the key to unlock solutions to real big problems
      • entrepreneurs need help, no matter how experienced or successful
      • everyone has skills or experience that could benefit the entrepreneurship community
      • the ‘ecosystem of entrepreneurship’ (entrepreneurs, investors, universities, advisors, service providers, organizations) that currently exists can be leveraged by some new community focused ideas

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  1. Sean, thanks for the mention. Jeremy Hanks is the primary organizer for this, and based on attendance and the online presence we had last time I see really great things for this. Keep following for more events – the entire world is always invited to these events!

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