Ultralight Startups

Came across an interesting entrepreneur group in New York called “Ultra Light Startups” from a post by Allen Stern “Ultra Light Startups Recap

Here’s how they define an ultra light startup:

  • Aim to achieve profitability with little or no external funding
  • Have low permanent headcount, low overhead, low budget
  • Operate as “virtual enterprises” (outsourcing, partnerships)
  • Use off-the-shelf and open-source software and platforms rather than build from scratch
  • Use cloud/network computing rather than owning hardware
  • Maximize efficient use of viral/guerrilla/social marketing
  • Any other low-cost, high-flexibility techniques

Allen snapped a picture of a poster with the characteristics of an Ultra Light Startup, the tag line was “Focus on testing an idea in the marketplace, rather than planning something that should work in theory.”

Sounds like a similar model to many that Bootstrapper Breakfast attendees are following. There are also groups forming in London and Boston. Two differences is that we are less pitch focused and more interested in comparing notes on operational issues and that are meetings are smaller (8-18 vs. dozens) so attendees have a chance to speak more and get to know each other better. I think the networking after our formal 9AM end is easier because attendees have had a chance to get to know each other a little better than it is in the typical stand-up cocktail party atmosphere of evening events, but then I am biased. We clearly share a focus on low cost techniques that are effective at building a business.

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