Feb-6 Breakfast in Palo Alto is FULL

We have four folks on the waitlist at this point and will have to turn away anyone who drops in without a reservation. The back room at Hobees in Palo Alto is our smallest venue. We are now running four breakfasts a month, please consider attending another one in February instead. If you have registered you will get a confirmation, and a request to give up your seat if you know you won’t be able to attend so that we can let someone from the waitlist know that they should come.

We have a lot of first time attendees signed up for the Feb-6 breakfast, please try and arrive a few minutes early (I know that 7:30 is already very early, but try and shoot for 7:25) if this is your first time. Because we have a full house and a speaker at this event you will be asked to shorten our normal two minute introduction to 30 seconds, please rehearse your introduction so that it fits in 30 seconds. Eric Ries (blogging at “Startup Lessons Learned“) is our speaker and his topic is customer development. If you have questions for the group please have them prepared as well, you can put them on the table after your introduction and we will work them into the discussion period after Eric gives a 5-10 minute bio and talk on customer development. After 9am we still have the room for another 30 minutes which can be used for follow-up and networking.

We also have a great program scheduled for Milpitas the following week, on Feb-13 which you should consider attending: “Protecting Your Invention.”

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