Last Two Weeks in August: Making a List and Checking it Twice

Seth Godin had a good post today “Like Your Hair Is On Fire” where he urged his readers to

Assemble your team (it might be just you) on Monday and focus like your hair is on fire (I have no direct experience in this area, but I’m told that hair flammability is quite urgent).

I would like to be able to say that SKMurphy has one project we will kill, but our plan is to wound several and agree on a “Big List” for August that will determine our priorities for the balance of 2008. Anyway, I would suggest that as a theme for our breakfast next Tuesday at Coco’s in Sunnyvale:

  • Talk about a project you are going to knock out in the next two weeks to get a jump on the balance of 2008.
  • Talk about a trade-off or set of possible approaches you need to winnow for completion in 2008.

If you are on vacation then we will see you in September, otherwise please join us Tuesday and let us know you are coming.

And, as always our regular format will also prevail so if you have other issues you would like to put on the table please bring them.

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